Own the Complete Thoughts of Justin Bieber


We get a lot of strange emails at Boise Weekly: The conspiratorial rantings of birthers, requests to review six-hour experimental films about the deeper meaning of fudge, press releases from some guy named "Butch," who claims to be governor.

And then there's this nugget that came through this morning.

My name is Luke and my job is to market a range of books to the United States.

The Complete Thoughts of Justin Bieber and The Complete Thoughts of Paris Hilton each consist of 96 blank pages, and might be the ideal gift for you or for that partner, friend, family member or workmate who loves Justin Bieber or Paris Hilton. They each sell on Amazon for $9.99.

Luke may be one of those select few Bud Light referred to as "Real Men of Genius," and we here at BW salute him.