Need Something To Do Monday?


Drummers are pretty cool—they thrash their hair around, throw drum sticks into crowds and move so quickly it's like they have a dozen invisible arms. When it comes to rocking out in your apartment solo, air drums are the new air guitar.

If you'd like acquire a pretty awesome new skill, head to the downtown Boise YMCA at 7 p.m. today for Drumworks, a four-week workshop that will cover the basics of traditional West African drumming.

Michele Casey, who has been a student of the art since 1991, will instruct on djembe and dundun—two styles of West African drums. The workshop is presented by Global Lounge, a nonprofit focused on cultural diversity, and costs $25 for YMCA members and $35 for nonmembers.

If the ability to impress everyone with your new skills isn't enough incentive, there are a variety of health benefits listed on the class poster, including improved joint flexibility, core strength and increased upper-body endurance. So you can become a rockin' drummer with a rockin' bod.