Empty Bowls Fundraiser Dishes Up Warmth


Despite a teeth-chattering chill and a line that stretched to Ninth Street, a throng numbering in the hundreds filled the Grove Plaza on Friday, Nov. 25, anxiously awaiting a hot bowl of soup. The Empty Bowls event is an annual fundraiser for the Idaho Foodbank in which attendees hand over $10 and receive a handmade ceramic, wood or metal bowl made by local artists, filled with hot soup. The mouth-watering list of options included clam chowder, cheese and yam, chicken tortilla, minestrone, and local celery and potato.

The procession partook in hot broth and a hunk of french bread provided by Albertsons. Soups were donated by local restaurants, including Locavore, Shaka Shak, Asiago's, Cottonwood Grille and Westside Drive In, while the meals were dished Up by Idaho Foodbank volunteers. The proceeds go to help feed 30 local families for the holiday season.

While the line snaked through the Grove, mitten-clad soup-aholics sipped coffee and hot cocoa provided by Moxie Java, and listened to holiday tunes courtesy of MJ's Idaho Ho Ho compilation.

Shauna Stonehocker, events coordinator with the Idaho Foodbank, told Boise Weekly that this year's event netted $30,600, and was a completely sold-out showing. Stonehocker also said that attendance was up 20 percent over last year's Empty Bowls event.

View a slideshow of Empty Bowls here.