Need Something To Do Friday?


Oh the horror! It's Black Friday, and the malls and department stores are more frightening than the thought of Joan Rivers in the buff. Every year, people battle it out for the best deals on stuff that they probably don't need, but fight for anyway because it's 89 percent off. Wouldn't it be nice if just for one year we could turn on our televisions and not have to watch throngs of bargain-crazed Americans trample each other on the news?

Well, that probably won't happen this year. But if you'd like to see another kind of battle, check out Black Friday Battleprov at the Linen Building tonight. Instead of watching retail war footage, you can see some very funny people poke fun at one another. Boise-based Improvolution and Moscow's White Tie Improv will make you laugh, not cry, this Black Friday. The event is all-ages, so bring the kids and those relatives who are in town for the holiday and have been driving you crazy. Pie Hole will dish up slices, so you can eat something other than turkey for at least one meal this week.

And even if you did brave the shopping battlegrounds early in the morning, the $7 price tag won't break your post-bargain bank.