Final Boise River Steelhead Release Canceled


If you were hoping to supplement your Thanksgiving leftovers with some freshly caught steelhead pulled out of the Boise River, your chance to do so is getting slimmer.

The Idaho Department of Fish and Game announced that the batch of hatchery-raised steelhead the department released on Nov. 22 would be the last of the season. IDFG has already released roughly 1,000 of the fish in the Boise River between Glenwood Bridge and Barber Park in several earlier releases, but a declined trapping rate at Oxbow Dam put an end to the program before the final scheduled release.

The good news is that many of those fish are still in the river. All you need in order to try your luck at hooking one is a valid 2011 fishing license, as well as a steelhead permit ($12.75). Limits on the river are three fish per day, with nine in possession and a statewide season limit of 20.

For more info and regulations, visit the IDFG website.