Wall St. Deploys Secret Weapon: Third Eye Blind


The Occupy Wall Street protest in New York inspired hundred of similar protests across the world. And though officials in cities like Portland, Denver, Oakland and New York have tried to break up OWS camps, the movement has shown no signs of losing steam. Protesters simply show up the next day or somewhere else and everyone goes back to the start.

The public at large may be wondering how long this dance can go on and what sort of devious tricks the vampire squids over on Wall Street have up their sleeves.

Well, now we know. And it's more horrible than anyone could have dreamed. Nineties alt-"rockers" Third Eye Blind just released a new song in "support" of the movement. And though it's full of audio samples from notorious viral videos, there's nary an interruptive mic check to be found.

Smooth move, Wall Street, you win this round.

[ Video is no longer available. ]