Need Something To Do Monday?


Monotype is a really boring word. Similar to monotone, which conjures the voice of Ben Stein saying things like "Buehler" or "Clear Eyes." The type part isn't much better—it brings to mind images of sitting all day at a desk, typing away like some sort of data-entry drone.

Turns out, monotype the process is actually far from boring. And the Just Another Monotype Monday series at Wingtip Press should be exceptionally stimulating. Monotype, generally speaking, involves painting or drawing on a smooth, nonabsorbent surface, and then pressing that image onto paper so it ends up looking super bad-ass.

If you feel like creating a masterpiece and curing your Monday blues, grab some paper and an apron and head to Wingtip. The plexi-glass plates and other materials are included in the $20 fee. Call 208-447-8457 to reserve a space, and take home something fun to jazz up your walls.