Need Something To Do Saturday?


Doesn't it seem sad that the only time it's acceptable to dress up in crazy costumes and parade around downtown is Halloween? Sure, comics conventions provide certain groups with that opportunity, but in general, the only time people can put on crazy outfits and rubber masks is All Hallow's Eve.

Fortunately, the fourth-annual Pussycat Ball is happening tonight. So put on jingling collars, cat ears and safety-pin a tail on, then head up to the Rose Room. There will be music from San Francisco's DRC, Portland, Ore.'s Team Sexy and several Boise bands.

Pretty Little Things will put on a burlesque show at 10 p.m., and prizes will be awarded for the toughest tomcat, prettiest pussy (yikes) and the cattiest cat toy. A bar will be available at this 21-and-older event, and your $10 admission benefits the BoiseOne Rangers En Force and Simply Cats. So get some furry ears, catnip and a stiff cocktail and have a (hair)ball.