Exit Prose Drops Rhymes and New Album at Reef


Last night, Boise rapper Exit Prose, formerly Timbuk II of Kamphire Collective, dropped his first solo release, Sensational Woes. The album is slick and filled with attitude, and when the emcee took the stage, his flow shook the crowd.

Exit Prose kills the mic
  • Exit Prose kills the mic.

While it's safe to say he stole the stage (it was his CD release party), there's a lot to be said about the sheer energy and talent of the opening act, Dedicated Servers. They were arguably a show in and of themselves.

The local rapping duo got the crowd going. Its threadbare beats allowed the focus to fall on its fast-paced wordplay rather than Motown sampling.

"Before this, I had a job as a banker," said Peanut, the Dedicated Server sans neckbeard. "But I had to leave that to come rap. You know, I lost interest."


Percussive Tongues also laid down beats, playing off that with street cred spit. The duo bounced off one another's rhymes with urban, angst-fueled rap that was more Immortal Technique than 2 Live Crew.

Put the three together and hit frappe, and you get a delicious, frothy milkshake of rhyme.