Need Something To Do Wednesday?


So hills aren't your thing. Perhaps you suffered a traumatic incident when rolling down a hill as a child—maybe you rolled into dog droppings or hit a tree that made your forehead lumpy and deformed. Maybe the hills weren't alive with sounds of music, but with bugs, snakes, poison ivy and other nasty stuff. Or possibly, ice blocking seems less like an enjoyable form of cheap entertainment and more like a great way to make your butt uncomfortably numb.

Whatever the cause of your dislike for hills, there's some good news: skiing doesn't always have to involve one. If you've ever thought about cross-country skiing but didn't know where to start, head over to the Cross-Country Skiing Basics class tonight at REI. Ray Johnson will teach you how to move, what to wear and how to have a good, hill-less time on skis this winter.