Hardesty, Kirkman and Knopp Debut Bloodwork at VAC


Bloodwork, a group show featuring locals Noble Hardesty, Kelly Knopp and William Kirkman, is the most recent art exhibition to hit the Visual Arts Collective.

Knopp, whose quirky illustrations have been featured in a children's storybook/iPhone app, a twisted variety book and in Downtown's Freak Alley, described his new work cryptically:

"Some of the crazy stuff might come from something that happened politically," said Knopp. "But I don't want to be too political."

Kirkman, owner of Rocket Neon, debuted a collection of new neon lighting pieces, including "Smash the Right Deviationist Wind." The piece was influenced by his time spent growing up in Asia, where his parents were missionaries.

"It's a combination of a refrigerator factory admonishing the workers to go faster ... combined with a missive from Mao Zedong in the '60s," said Kirkman.

Hardesty, whose work recently brought in big bucks at the Boise Weekly cover auction, stuck with his usual playful colorful palette with pieces like, "Grape Ape Exits Shady-Vibe-Town."

Bloodwork will be on display until Dec. 3, and the work is available for purchase.

You can check out a slideshow of the exhibit here.