Need Something To Do Saturday?


Maybe you've been living in a submarine somewhere in the middle of the Atlantic, under a rock or conducting an experiment living among sloth bears while trying to get them to adopt you as one of their own. Those may be your only excuses for not knowing that comics are super hot right now. Super, super, seemingly inescapable hot. Novels are being adapted into graphic novels, movie studios have revived every comic book character possible at least once (ahem, two Hulk movies, The Green Hornet and, of course, Batman), and people are mad for comic conventions.

You can get on-trend today with the Library at Hillcrest's Comic-Con. Dress as your favorite character and head to the library to learn all about why Boise Art Museum is comic crazy, discuss your favorite comic with authors and illustrators, make steampunk jewelry and live out your ultimate adventure by making yourself the star of your own comic book. This event is FREE and perfect for people (no, not just children) of all ages.