Need Something To Do Friday?


Boise isn't usually thought of as a cultural hub. Ask an East-Coaster about Idaho, and you'll get "Iowa?" "Ohio?" or "Oh, the potato place." But tonight, the Mardi Gras event center will showcase the diversity of Idaho's capital city with its 65 Roses Benefit Concert.

The evening will feature hip-hop performances and dancers, and then throw a genre curve-ball and switch to Rockeoke (karaoke with a live band, which basically makes you a rock star, even more so than those silly Rockband video games).

There's a full bar for those of age, and all proceeds go the the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation. So while you're shakin' your booty, swiggin' back cocktails and regaling the rest of the audience with your amazing, alcohol-infused vocal skills, you can actually do some good.