Seattle 'Superhero' Loses Job With Children After Arrest


Phoenix Jones, the self-appointed, not-so-super protector of Seattle, Wash., may soon find himself in the super soup line. The costumed vigilante lost his job working with disabled children this week as part of the fallout over an incident in which he was arrested for assault after pepper-spraying a group of revelers in downtown Seattle. Jones claimed he was breaking up a fight, but the revelers told police he attacked them unprovoked.

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Jones says that because of his arrest, he’s on “a list” that prohibits him from working with children, because he has “a history of interjecting myself into situations that are dangerous.”

Jones, naturally, disputes that characterization. “I would say I have a history of fighting crime,” he says. “The whole point of what I do is to keep people safe.”

Jones isn’t sure how he’ll pay the bills now. He says he’s received offers for fight bouts from the Strikeforce mixed martial arts organization, and plans to start fighting crime in the daytime, in addition to his night patrols around Seattle. Other than that, he says, “I really don’t know.”

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