Freak Alley Gallery Dia De Los Muertos Festivities


On Wednesday night, Boise's Freak Alley Gallery, the makeshift open-air art gallery from Eighth to Ninth streets between Bannock and Idaho streets, hosted an exhibition for the Mexican holiday Dia de los Muertos.

"I love Day of the Dead; I love the color," said Trina Lockary, face-painted and swathed in a colorful dress. "I think we need to respect the idea of death. We're all the same under the skin, and we're all grinning in the end."

Numerous colorful altars dedicated to loved ones that have passed ringed the parking lot. Artists Lisa Marten and Luke Schafer collaborated on a live-action painting, which featured Marten's brush on canvas and Schafer's feet on a bright green board in the center of the stage. A food cart stood nearby, beckoning the 100 or so revelers to partake in carnitas and street tacos.

"It's the mourning in our past, but also celebrating the life that they had," said Sean Aguailar, a local artist, dressed in a suit with a painted skeleton face. "It's not all about ghouls and goblins. ... It's not Halloween. People don't always understand that."

As the evening progressed, the group moved inside to sip libations at Fatty's bar and continue the festivities out of the frosty November wind.

Check out a slideshow of all the action here.