Do The Time Warp at The Rocky Horror Show


At dusk, a vacant office building transforms into a transsexual Twilight Zone this Halloween season.

Drag queens, monsters and rockers convert Stage Coach Theatre's temporary Orchard Street space into a colorful, music-filled theater, where raindrops, rice and vulgarities are projected from spectator seats. This is no ordinary show, this is the Rocky Horror Show.

"We do the audience-participation thing—with the rice, spray bottles and newspapers," said Ian Taylor, director of the musical.

Besides wielding basmati and crosswords, the audience also routinely hurls degrading epithets at the story's leading couple, nicknamed "slut" and "asshole." Relax, it is a decades-old tradition.

"It's a pretty wild show," said Taylor. "There's some debauchery to it."

Rocky Horror is best known as a classic cult film, but it was actually adapted from a 1973 British stage play. The story is a B-movie parody, where a newlywed couple becomes stranded during a storm and finds a strange castle run by a science-obsessed transvestite.

Taylor said Boise has been very supportive of the show, and credited Stage Coach for taking on such a potentially controversial project.

"The audience has been coming out like gangbusters, so it has paid off for them," he said.

Check out a slideshow of the performance here.