UPDATE: Patcasso Party Drips with Paint, Cool


UPDATE: Tuesday, Oct. 25
This story has been updated to correct a misspelling in Chanel DaSilva's name and a picture has been added.

Patrick Hunter poses with the evenings work
  • Gigi Ferreira
  • Patrick Hunter poses with the evening's work.

ORIGINAL POST: Monday, Oct. 24

Heading into the Fulton Street Showroom, the basement art gallery/dance studio, was like being led behind the curtain of a speakeasy. It was dark, cool and the shapes of faces materialized out of the shadows amid clinking glasses and whispers.


“It feels like you’re cooler than other people when you’re down here," dancer Chanel DaSilva of the Trey McIntyre Project told the audience at last Saturday's Patcasso Party.

As DaSilva began her performance, artist Patrick Hunter—who organized the event—took to the easel for one of his own. DaSilva put together a composition to James Brown and Etta James, a dance that was urban, modern and a little bit Sunday afternoon. One envisioned a pink telephone and a poodle skirt. As DaSilva finished, Hunter finished a vibrant portrait of a woman.

The event also incorporated dance from Ballet Idaho's Adrienne Kerr and Daniel Ojeda, to Paint it Black by the Rolling Stones. Los Angeles singer Krista Mone sang between acts, and Story Story Night's Jessica Holmes told a story of fire.

The event had a strict black-attire theme, which was crucial—the prior event was all white. It was also Hunter's birthday, which was celebrated with cake and a final, energetic live portrait of Jesus.

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