Idaho Rivers Get Love from National Geographic


Idaho got some serious love—seriously beautiful, that is—in the November issue of National Geographic Magazine.

In the feature article "Boundless," Joel K. Bourne Jr. highlights some of the gems that have been protected thanks to designation as Wild and Scenic rivers. While Bourne shares his experience floating the Middle Fork of the Salmon with his young son, photographer Michael Melford's images capture far more than 1,000 words.

In addition to the Middle Fork, the mag also includes images of the Owyhee River (in a pic that had to have been shot in early spring to be that green). While it didn't make it into print, the online photo gallery includes an image of the Bruneau River—which is, yes, just as green. And while not exactly in Idaho, the headwaters of the Snake River near Jackson Hole and the Rogue River in Oregon also make the cut.