Group Welcomes Veterans Home with Free Tennis Equipment, Lessons



A local group is hoping to help ease veterans back into civilian life with some friendly games of tennis. The Boise Tennis Coalition is a collective of senior citizens that meets a few times a week to trade volleys of a less-lethal nature.

“A lot of veterans are coming back soon, and when they do, they’re separated from their life-and-death buddies in the service,” said Charles Seldon, president of the Boise Tennis Coalition. “Then they get into town and there are no jobs. They sit home and think, ‘This is the country I fought for and now I can’t get a job or anything.’ A lot of them have battle fatigue and other mental stress, so we’re hoping some tennis can make things a little easier on them.”

Tough the Boise Tennis Coalition is primarily made up of senior citizens but all ages and skill ranges are welcome. The coalition has members who teach lessons, and they intend to help beginners and novices become familiar with the game. In addition to free lessons, veterans will be provided with free rackets, balls and other necessary supplies to get them started.

“The point of this is to have fun,” said Seldon. “Tennis is just such a fun game because you get to come here and have a good work out, make friends and fellowship, and enjoy the game.”

For more information, visit or contact Charles Seldon at 208-954-2788.