Dedicated Servers Bring Hip-Hop Back to its Good Timey Roots



In the '80s, hip-hop was fun. It was about the party, getting everyone feeling good, and dancing. Remember groups like Kid 'n Play of House Party fame? Sure, looking back, it may be a little cheesy, but those guys knew how to drop a rhyme and get you smiling at the same time. Contemporary hip-hop in some cases has gotten a little dark, whether it be powerful emotional raps about relationships or childhood, or bumping beats that boast about objectifying women, swilling booze and having piles of money.

Dedicated Servers is a hip-hop group that seems dedicated to bringing back the fun of hip-hop past. MCs Dave Boutdy and Matt Dixon come to the stage determined to get the crowd moving; their energy explodes as they bust out precisely timed, clever and often hilarious lines. They're good-natured and passionate about the rhymes they spit, which becomes infectious for the crowd. Even if it's your first time seeing the group, you'll inevitably end up singing along.

Owen Heavy, AKA "the resident genius," drops beats that get your head bobbing in your seat, and Dave's magnetic and vivacious dance moves will pull you out to the floor before you know what's happening. All the guys in the group are Boise natives, and their positive vibes abound whether there are two or 20 people in the crowd.

You can check them out at the Red Room this Halloween, Monday, Oct. 31, or below in the latest episode of Scenes From a Scene, BW's continuing video series on local music happenings.

[ Video is no longer available. ]