Need Something To Do Thursday?


"Multimedia installation" may sound less like artistic expression and more like something you start on your computer when you're bored and the boss isn't looking.

In this case, the installation isn't a new Flash game to distract you at the office, but it can definitely help distract you from boredom. It's an art installation by Migel A. Delgado, a painter and Boise State MFA candidate defending his thesis.

Delgado's installation is called (His)story: The Re-Collection of Personal Identity. It explores themes of transition and change throughout life, with objects in the installation acting as "metaphors for lost personal history." Images such as cassette tapes, now unused and largely a part of the past, contribute to the idea that each person has a life history that we forget, recall and alter over the course of our lives.

If you're curious and want to add something interesting to your own personal history, check out the reception, where visitors will have a chance to meet Delgado. The reception runs 4:30-6:30 p.m. in the Student Union Gallery at Boise State. A selection of small snacks will be available.

(His)story: The Re-Collection of Personal Identity will be on display in the Student Union Building until Nov. 16. Visit the Boise State Fine Arts Program website for more details. And guess what, poor college students? It's free.