Alan Heathcock Brings Home the Cash for The Cabin


They like him, they really really like him. Boise author Alan Heathcock proved so popular with the crowds at the Brooklyn Book Festival last month that he won second place in the AT&T Fan Fave contest, as determined by votes cast by the public.

So, what did Heathcock score—besides a healthy ego boost for outpacing 258 other authors, including Chuck Klosterman, Larry McMurtry and Jennifer Egan? Thanks to his popularity, $2,500 will be donated to The Cabin, the local literary organization on whose board he serves. Gee, first a Best of Boise Staff Pick for his Volt temporary tattoos and now this? What could be next for the author and Boise State professor? Maybe he'll volunteer to judge this year's Boise Weekly Fiction 101 Contest again ... just sayin'.