Riding High on Pitchfork Review, Youth Lagoon Returns to Boise for Record Exchange In-Store


Pitchfork Media gave the new album from Boise's Youth Lagoon an 8.4 "Best New Music" rating on Sept. 29. Pitchfork is notorious for its critical, often harsh album reviews and its weighty influence on the indie music scene.

Youth Lagoon's album, The Year of Hibernation (Fat Possum), is the only record from a Boise artist to ever receive the BNM stamp. Although Built to Spill's Keep it Like a Secret and Ancient Melodies of the Future (Warner Bros.) both received higher ratings of 9.3 and 8.6 respectively, they came out before Pitchfork instituted the Best New Music label.

To fans who have been following the remarkable ascent of Youth Lagoon, this review came as no surprise. Pitchfork has been hyping the band for a few months now: They did a "Rising" feature in which Trevor Powers was interviewed and promoted as an up-and-comer. The blog also gave the songs "July" and "Afternoon" Best New Track distinctions. 

Youth Lagoon returns from a cross-country tour and will do an in-store performance at the Record Exchange at 8 p.m. on Tuesday, Oct. 11. You can buy The Year of Hibernation on CD at the Record Exchange, or pre-order a vinyl copy for pickup on Oct. 11. In the meantime, head over to spin.com to stream the entire album.