Need Something To Do Monday?


Now that the weather is cooling down, Boise's upper lips will start to get chilly, meaning it may be time for some old-fashioned French ticklers.

But a mustache is a bold move in any climate, and sometimes it helps to have supporters. Luckily, today, everyone will have the opportunity to mingle with the mustachioed at one of Boise's strangest and most wonderful events: Mustaches for Miracles.

Mustaches for Miracles is a full-on stache-bash with competitions for power-lifting, Rorschach blotting, pin the stache on the celebrity, and more. There will be raffles for fabulous prizes like Boise State tickets and fancy watches, the perfect complement to any hairy lip.

The winner receives glory that should last at least four to seven hours, and the revered white championship jean jacket.

All money raised from the event goes to Miracle on Idaho Street, a free holiday meal for homeless Boise families.

Mustaches for Miracles will be going down at Old Chicago, starting at 6 p.m. It costs $25 to enter.

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