Need Something To Do Monday?


People don't just fear change, they often disregard it outright.

Incumbents sail through elections because no one bothers to learn the names of their opponents. Several different businesses may open and close in a particular spot and yet, whatever is there will be called by the name of the original occupant. Bands that change their name will forever have their former moniker in parentheses after the new name.

It's so pervasive that one often wonders if there's any point to rocking any boat ever.

Well, tonight, why not find out?

For more than a year now, Story Story Night has been a big hit. So big in fact, that it outgrew its venue, The Linen Building.

Tonight's Story Story Night, which will feature stories on the theme of Earth, will be the inaugural event held at it's new venue, the Rose Room. Will the event be forever altered by the change of venue? Will it poison people's love for the lauded format? Will they even be able to find the Rose Room? (Pssst, it's at 718 W. Idaho St.)

Who knows?

But if you want to find out, you're going to have to go.

Story Story Night starts at 7 p.m. and costs $5. It will not be at The Linen Building. It will be at the Rose Room. Good luck with that.