UPDATE: Spots Will Return to 10th Street


UPDATE: Friday, Sept. 23, 1:45 p.m.
Matt Groll is a lot happier today-the City of Boise is doing a 180 on the "spot removal" of a traffic box outside his Ben and Jerry's franchise on 10th Street.

"I just got off the phone with Karen Bubb," Groll told Citydesk, referring to Boise's public arts manager. "They're going to fix the box."

Bubb told Citydesk that she made a mistake when she ordered the traffic box scrubbed of its design on Thursday.

"I had no intention of removing the design," she said. Bubb said she spent more than three hours this morning, dealing with the situation.

Bubb said a vinyl wrap with a similar design should reappear on the traffic box within a month.

Spotless traffic box on 10th St. between Idaho and Main Streets
  • Andrew Crisp
  • "Spotless" traffic box on 10th Street between Idaho and Main streets.

ORIGINAL POST: Friday, Sept. 23 8:00 a.m.
On Thursday, Matt Groll, owner of the Ben and Jerry's franchise on 10th Street, watched as a cow-themed traffic box outside his business was stripped of its spots. According to Groll, a man spent the better part of an hour removing the dairy-themed art from the box. Citydesk learned that the man was an employee of the Ada County Highway District and was removing the art at the order of the Boise Department of Arts and History.

Groll said he was given clearance by the city three years ago to paint the box white and to apply the black spots. But Karen Bubb, public arts manager for the city, told Citydesk that Groll's "spots" were never sanctioned as an official art wrap.

Bubb said there are seven new art wraps set to be unveiled next week at traffic boxes across the city, bringing the total (official) art boxes to 19.

As for Groll's box, he was told the city would be covering it with a new wrap as well. The city did, however, leave one large black spot on the top of the box, where the new vinyl covering wouldn't be applied.

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