Need Something To Do Wednesday?


College is expensive. It's so expensive for parents, it actually costs them their first-born child, by causing the child to return from the first semester away at school with some sort of earring in his or her face and a bunch of strange new "foreign-sounding" ideas.

And as pricey as that is, thanks to the increasing privatization of college amenities and publishers driving up the price on textbooks with so-called "new editions" (Bobby Brown does not approve), it's only getting more expensive.

What that all means is that if you're currently staring down the barrel of parenthood, it might be time to think ahead.

So today, why not do exactly that?

Swing by Boise High School this evening and you can talk to the experts about what it takes to put together a top-notch college savings plan for your spawn.

The panel runs from 6-8 p.m. and is free.