Need Something To Do Sunday?


We here at Need Something To Do Today are no strangers to writing about the robot apocalypse. And no, before you ask, we don't mean at the hand of those boxing pansies in the new Hugh Jackman flick. We're way more worried about the economic fallout of robots taking over factory production and foosball.

But as we round the corner into Republican primary season, it's becoming clear robots aren't the only thing threatening the imminent destruction of the world.

Whether it comes at the hands of Foosbot or Rick Perry shooting at a big red button he thought was a coyote, it won't matter. You have to be prepared.

So today, do that by getting your garden ready for a post-apocalyptic world.

Swing by Earthly Delights Organic Farm this afternoon and you can get a primer on seed sharing and saving, an essential apocalypse-survival skill. It's your chance to discuss interesting aspects of human interactions with seeds around the world and learn how to preserve and share yours with other gardeners in the area.

The event runs from 1-5 p.m. and costs $20-$40 on a sliding scale.