Chipotle Opens and Boise Burrito Boosters Rejoice


People waiting in line outside Chipotle.
  • Josh Gross
  • People waiting in line outside Chipotle.

The burrito is possibly the world's most perfect food. It's a sack lunch with an edible sack; a space capsule ready to be sent to the outer depths of the galaxy to inform alien cultures of our dietary needs; an emergency football far more delicious than the real thing.

And any community that loses its burrito bar suffers, especially come lunch time.

That's why when Chronic Tacos closed its doors this summer, a collective cry rang across the city: "Mayor Bieter, we must not allow a burrito gap!"

Actually, that may have just been me. But that's because there's no substitute for a burrito bar.

And I'm apparently not the only one who thinks so. At least 100 people lined up outside the new Chipotle Mexican Grill at Boise Towne Square Mall this afternoon. Their goal: a free burrito and T-shirt as part of Chipotle's grand-opening promotion.

My goal was lunch only, so I strolled past the line to get a crack at Chipotle's naturally raised and perfectly spiced carnitas.

The lunch-counter style restaurant looks good inside, with the wood and polished-steel decor Chipotle is known for. The burr-istas still had some opening day jitters and weren't always able to seal the deal with a single tortilla, but that doesn't matter. They'll come along.

Burritos are back. That's what really counts.