Need Something To Do Thursday?


Get out your titanium fork and plunge it deep into the hull. The whole thing is over and done: no more space shuttle.

Despite the ill-informed blusterings of deficit hawks about the NASA budget, it's tremendously sad news. Space travel, while arguably still of little practical purpose, was inspiring in its audacity. It was us, as a species, mastering the rules of physics and biology to search beyond our realm and gave inspiration to landlubbers to think bigger and bolder and tackle the unknown head on.

Future generations looking for inspiration will have to find it through less dramatic actions, possibly even by looking within. While less visually stunning, mental gymnastics can be every bit as brave. And there's no better way to test your temerity than by venturing into math, a language that contains the secrets of the universe.

Today, why not see if you have "the right stuff?"

Mathematician and author Michael Starbird of the University of Texas Austin will be at Boise State today, discussing some of his favorite theoretical proofs. Starbird is known for taking bold, complex ideas like the scope of infinity and putting them into a format that anyone can understand. He views math as a tool that can be used to tackle any problem out there—and by the end of his lecture, you may as well.

The lecture runs from 4-5 p.m. today in the Lookout Room of the Student Union Building and is free to attend.

[ Video is no longer available. ]