Long-Time Winners Under Fire in Upcoming Best of Boise


Some people complain that Best of Boise is just a popularity contest. To that we say, "And?"

There's nothing wrong with people supporting who and what they think is awesome—unless of course, they're voting based on something they've heard rather than getting out there and discovering for themselves what is best.

It's arguable that's the case in some Best of Boise categories, since they've been dominated for years by a single competitor. We know this town is full of more great stuff than just what wins a first-place BOB.

So Boise Weekly decided to check in with some of the longest-running winners to see how they feel about the target on their back. In the case of perpetual Best Musician winner Rebecca Scott, we took it a step further: we challenged her to a guitar showdown.

Check it out.

[ Video is no longer available. ]