Chris the Saladman Gets a Permanent Home on Broadway



The Saladman cometh.

For the past 12 years, Chris the Saladman has been one of the few purveyors of green things at deep-fried fairs and festivals across the valley. But now, as other area cooks opt to go mobile, Chris Olson has decided to set up shop in a spot sans wheels.

Olson plans to open Chris’ on Broadway Featuring Saladman in the building that formerly housed Jeffrey’s Next Door.

“Our plan is to be open hopefully by the first of October, but we’ve got to put a bathroom in and that may delay it by about a week,” said Olson.

In addition to his salads and wraps, Olson will also offer 12-15 different burgers, hand-cut fries, smoked ribs and chicken.

“We’ll do breakfast Saturday and Sunday mornings, and we’ll have Friday-Saturday night steak and scampi or steak and ahi dinners,” said Olson. “It’s going to be everything that I do, not just my salads and my wraps.”

And as a special treat, Olson’s pal, whose family used to own Big Bun, will come in one day a week to whip up fingersteaks and halibut fish and chips. Though the menu will be greatly expanded, Olson still plans to keep the casual, food-truck vibe.

“It’ll be picnic-style, everything will come on to-go plates or paper plates,” said Olson. “That’s going to keep my costs down; I won't have to hire a dishwasher to maintain all that china.”

Chris’ on Broadway will be smoke- and alcohol-free, but Olson said patrons are more than welcome to take their grub to go and saddle up next door at Broadway Bar for a $2 cocktail.

“The reason I wanted to call it Chris’ on Broadway is it has that big-city ring, like Broadway in New York, Broadway in San Francisco,” said Olson. “Maybe it’ll give it a little bit of class.”