Your Chance to Tell the LIBRARY! What You Think


Even aliens use libraries. Why dont you?
  • Even aliens use libraries. Why don't you?

Boise Public Library would like to get your input on what you think of its services.

BPL commissioned ORC International to conduct a survey as part of BPL's "strategic planning process" for those who use library services and those who are more in the "Library? Are those things still around?" camp. The surveys will start on Wednesday, Sept. 7, and will be sent to a random sampling of people and via email and online methods.

Director Kevin Booe said the library will use the surveys to find out what services are important to people and what the library can do to improve.

We’re seeking community input to ensure Boise’s library services will continue to evolve in a way that’s relevant and useful to the community, while making the very best use of taxpayer dollars. This is a great opportunity for Boise residents to have their say about libraries.

For more info on the survey, call library administrative offices at 208-384-4238.