'Crowdsourcing,' 'Boomerang Child' Added to Dictionary


Social network colloquialisms have gained some formal acceptance by being added to the 2011 edition of the Merriam-Webster's Collegiate Dictionary.

"Tweet" and "crowdsourcing" joined a list of 150 new words and phrases in the new publication.

Also on the list:
- bromance: a nonsexual friendship between men
- cougar: middle-aged woman seeking romance with a younger man
- duathlon: a three-part long-distance race with running, biking and running again
- parkour: a sport of climbing, leaping or free-running over natural obstacles
- walk-off: ending a baseball game with a winning run in the bottom of the final inning

New phrases include:
- boomerang child: young adults who return to live with their parents
- fist bump: the popular alternative to handshakes
- helicopter parent: an overly involved parent
- m-commerce: business transactions conducted by using a mobile device