Need Something To Do Saturday?


Who says you can’t go home again? After more than a decade of living and playing music on the East Coast, Ben Clapp is back in Boise—his hometown. Not to say that he hasn’t visited or even played music here since he moved, but when he does, it’s kind of a big deal to those in the know.

For a guy with a resume that includes Asbury Park Music Award nominations for his work with the DoDads and a reputation for bashing broken cymbals as Skeleton Key’s “junk percussionist,” his current role as the trombone-playing, tambourine-thrashing member of ska/punk band Warsaw Poland Bros. is apropos.

The rowdy band known for its high-octane live shows is playing Grainey’s again tonight around 9, in case you missed them last night. The $3 cover should leave plenty of cash in your wallet for the band-encouraged shots of Jaeger.