Need Something To Do Monday?


All right, ladies. It's summer and the sun is out there begging for you to enjoy it, to toss some sort of ball around and maybe get a a tan out of the arrangement. Sounds nice, doesn't it?

But what if you want something more? Say, the opportunity to knock your opponent's teeth out. Grind her face into the grass? Gloat over her unconscious body maybe?

Then you, mi amiga, want to move past volleyball and go directly to rugby.

And today you can do just that.

The Boise Women's Rugby Team is looking for more ladies to crush skulls and bellow like savages at one another on Mondays and Fridays. Shape and size don't matter. All comers are welcome.

Heck, BW proofreader and chief girly-girl Sheree Whitely did it, and she came back with a tattoo and a broadsword that matched her heels. (Editor's note: the previous statement is not true.) She packs raw meat for lunch and heaven help the poor soul who leaves a modifier dangling. (Editor's statement: that is also not true. Sheree is quite nice and enjoys spinach salad.)

So enjoy the sun and be a badass at the same time.

Practice starts at 6:30 p.m. at Hillside Junior High. Click here for more info.