Massive Freak Alley Gallery Mural Project Begins


Revelers may have noticed ladders, the smell of paint and an alley closure while strolling around downtown during the weekend. That's because starting on Aug. 6, local painters took over the alley that runs from Eighth to Ninth streets between Bannock and Idaho—colloquially known as "Freak Alley"—and began a massive mural project that will end with dozens of new pieces of public art on the theme of "freedom."

So far, only a fraction of the available slots have been touched—see pictures below—but artists will be on site working for most of the week, and things will pick up more as the deadline for completion approaches. There will be an unveiling celebration on Saturday, Aug. 13, that will include music and prizes for murals voted the best by spectators.

The project is the second incarnation of the Boise Mural Art Project, which turned the parking garage of the Idaho Building into an open-air museum over the course of a week. Though Freak Alley was already known for its graffiti and murals, the goal of this project is to fill it in as completely as possible.