It's Official: Pocatello Has the Slowest Internet in America


We’re No. 1! We’re No. 1! Wait, what? That’s not a good thing? Guess our Internet connection was too slow to download the rest of the story.

As recently reported on techie site Gizmodo, a new study by Pando Networks ranked Pocatello as having the slowest Internet in America. The study tracked completion rates and download speeds from 4 million users across the United States over a period of five months and found some surprising results. According to Gizmodo:

“The coastal and mid-Atlantic states had the fastest and most reliable Internet (with Rhode Island scoring highest) while the Mountain states and Midwest did the worst.”

To put that in perspective, Pocatello clocked in at 251 KBps, while Andover, Mass., the city with the fastest Internet, came in at 2,801 KBps.

But, hey, at least we ranked this time. Good Magazine just gave us a question mark.

Average Completion Rate by State (%)

Average Download Speed By State (Kilobytes Per Second)