Need Something To Do Wednesday?


UPDATE: Our story on Boise's stand-up scene will run in the Aug. 3 issue of Boise Weekly, which is all the more reason you should attend tonight's open mic night at Sockeye Grill so that you can decide for yourself what we are full of.

Today Next week, Boise Weekly published will publish an expose exploration of Boise's burgeoning stand-up comedy scene and how, in the last six months, it has gone from being in an iron lung to kicking some serious ass for Team Boisgeoisie.

But you know us. We're just a bunch of elitist scenesters constantly making hay out of nothing, like that Shakespeare fellow we write about year after year. What a hack.

Or are we?

Tonight, you have the perfect opportunity to find out if we actually are full of, um, "it," because if you swing by Sockeye Grill and Brewery, you can check out some of Boise's finest stand-up comedy at the venue's monthly open mic. The show will feature a number of sets featuring established and up-and-coming comedians, followed by a headlining set from a local pro.

The show starts at 8 p.m. It's free, but you're going to have to cover your own medical bills to fix the gut you may bust.