Amy Winehouse Memorial Haikus


The 2008 illustrated book The 27s explored music's most tragic and enduring myth: why it is that so many talented artists never see their 28th birthday. It looks at everything from astrological theory to neuroscience to sociology, all in colors as bright and vivid as the legends of those it chronicles.

It only took a few hours after reports of British blues singer Amy Winehouse's death for the book's website to be updated to include her.

"People, whether they know it or not, like their blues singers miserable," Janis told rock critic and biographer David Dalton. "Maybe my audience can enjoy my music more if they think I'm destroying myself." Cue Amy Winehouse.

From The 27s, Published October 2008

Amy, you were a bright burning star.
Thanks for sharing your life and soul with us.
Josh & Eric

Winehouse was almost as famous for her struggles with drugs and alcohol as she was for her music. Her family even urged fans to boycott her until she sought help. The abyss that stared back at her filled her with a rare talent and it came forth in a voice that seemed impossibly soulful. Her albums shot up the charts and were remixed and re-released even as she spiraled further down.

At the age of 27, Winehouse was found dead in her apartment on July 23.

As is the tradition with notable deaths, BW asked readers to submit memorial haikus.
Any additional haikus may be submitted in the comment section below.

Bruce Bacon
Lyrics from beyond
Painful self punish the same
Bright flash extinguished

Boise Weekly
Winehouse you asshole
You sound better on vinyl
Than you do dead

Owen R. Smith
Is it better to
Burn out or just fade away
She did it her way

Boise Weekly
When you crooned back to black
Melodic prophet
It was a sad tune

Tom Kershaw
A flash in the pan,
You should have gone to rehab,
Now you are cliche

Boise Weekly
Winehouse PSA
This is what drugs do to art
Rehab, yes, yes, yes

Aaron Sheehan
Lived hard and died fast
I just hope that Jesus saves
Good shit for rock stars.

Boise Weekly
Talent and torment
One more for the 27s
The worst club ever

Boise Weekly
Is it worth it to
High-five Janis in the grave
Music makes me high

Owen R. Smith
All the papers said
She wrote a song called rehab
Wouldn't go, go, go

Boise Weekly
Your family said
Not to buy your album please
Maybe they were right

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