Video of the day: Austra, "Beat and The Pulse"


With her opera days behind her, Katie Stelmanis, front woman for Canadian band Austra, has taken to a different type of darkness. The Toronto new-wave, goth-pop ensemble includes former members of the band Galaxy, Stelmanis and drummer Maya Postepski, as well as former Spiral Beach bassist Dorian Wolf.

While touring the West Coast, Austra stopped in Los Angeles to record videos performing songs from their debut album, Feel it Break. The dark synth lines draw you in while Stelmanis’ vocals keep you listening. Her operatic days may be behind her, but it can still clearly be heard through the pop keyboard hits and bass lines. As a collective group, Austra is still in its infancy, but this infant is in position to grow into quite the adult.

Check out the videos here.