Tales From the Road: Commuting for the Win


Bike commuting is a lifestyle choice. As a cyclist, I potentially risk life and limb on daily treks to destinations such as work, school, my internship here at BW, the grocery store and Redbox. Although a sometimes hazardous activity, riding a bike as an alternative to driving is not only economical but is also a great way to stay in shape and have fun.

Getting from West Boise suburbia to Saint Alphonsus at 1055 N. Curtis Road is a short, three-mile jaunt but it can get dicey. A lack of adequate bike lanes on Cole Road, paired with jagged and broken-down gutter avenues makes this quick trip to work one that requires a heightened level of awareness.

After all the patients are fed and cared for and my shift is over, it’s back on the bike en route to Camel’s Back Park for a weekly ultimate Frisbee exhibition. From the hospital, it’s about three miles of main roads, back streets and Greenbelt, which make this leg of the tour manageable and exhilarating.

Camels Back

With six miles and two hours of Frisbee behind me, I like to head over to Aspen Leaf at 800 W. Idaho St. for mango and kiwi strawberry sorbet topped with fresh mango, strawberries and Boba balls.

The other night after my usual routine, I caught wind of a house party near Boise State. The 1-mile ride from downtown became a race to the promise of wine, women and song and resulted in those, along with star gazing from the rooftop and good conversation.

As 2 a.m. rolled around, it was time to make the 9-mile ride back to the ‘burbs and get some sleep. Handlebar and rear lights are a necessity for this section of the journey—and it doesn't hurt to have a riding companion for an extra measure of safety whenever possible.

Luckily, no one was maimed, killed or wounded in the making of this voyage but accidents do happen. Stay focused, stay visible and be aware of your surroundings at all times. Cars and trucks still rule the roads so be sharp out there. Ride hard but ride smart.