Need Something To Do Wednesday?


Traditions are important. Whether it's playing board games on Tuesday nights or singing the national anthem before sporting events, they offer shared experience, common ground and ritual, making them the glue that holds a culture together.

But it's a thin line to cross before traditions become dogmatic. The "glue" that holds a culture together can easily become so entrenched and prevent growth and evolution.

As important as traditions are, it can be equally important to buck them.

Wednesdays in summer are all about Alive After Five. With sun, tunes and people-ogling, the outdoor concert series is a staple of life in Boise.

But today, just to shake things up, why not go a different way altogether? A comedy show showcasing Boise's growing scene perhaps?

The Generation Me comedy show will be hitting Neurolux tonight. It will feature performances from Boise ex-pat Reggie Melbrough, as well as Boise comedians Ryan Noack and Heath Harmison.

Melbrough, a Boise native, builds on his experiences growing up in Idaho, as well as teaching high school in Washington, D.C., for jokes that are equal parts history lessons and musings on the absurd. Harmison is sure to amuse with his impressions of various celebrities on Mormon missions. And Noack's dry insights into the day-to-day that elevate it to a life less ordinary.

There will be no sun, no dancing and you may have to breathe cigarette smoke in place of oxygen. But give it a shot. Otherwise you may never know if you're missing out on something.

The show starts at 8 p.m. and costs $3.