Finn Riggins' Eric Gilbert Talks Uber Tuesdays


Other than Mardi Gras, Tuesday nights tend to be slim pickings for show-going revelers. Eric Gilbert of local power pop trio Finn Riggins noticed this early week gig drought on one of his band’s many cross-country tours. So Gilbert teamed up with the Visual Arts Collective and local music blog Audio Milk to start the monthly series, Uber Tuesdays, which pairs national touring bands with local acts for a free show every Tuesday through October.

The driving force behind it was that, basically, there are so many touring bands that want to play off-nights in Boise and it makes sense because it’s not a priority market for them … So I am just trying to promote and help people out on Sunday through Tuesday shows in Boise ... I was actually looking at a stack of emails of bands that want to play and most of them were essentially on Tuesdays this summer.

On tour, we’ve bumped into these established off-night shows, which were great tour stops for us because as a touring band it’s a jackpot if you can find a good Sunday through Tuesday show. It’s pretty rare. There’s one in particular in Little Rock, Ark., which, according to the locals is better than their Fridays and Saturdays. The local music scene just came out in force ... at this place called the White Water Tavern. The place was packed on a Tuesday night and they do cheap drink specials. It was where all the local musicians kind of hang out … Then there’s this place in Portland called Ron Tons and it’s a Sunday night series that’s similar.

[Uber Tuesdays] was inspired by … seeing those as a touring band and also wanting to help these bands that are coming through and make it so that they want to keep stopping in Boise.

Gilbert is promoting Uber Tuesdays through his Radio Boise show, Antler Crafts, and eventually hopes the series will help raise funds for Radio Boise.

Right now, it’s free … but I would like to use it as a way to support Radio Boise over time. Right now, it’s not really generating revenue, so it’s more about awareness. I want to make it free because basically I want to encourage Radio Boise DJs and local musicians to come and hang out and have a showcase night of cool touring bands and cool local bands. It’s a community building attempt.

In addition to $2 microbrews from Payette Brewery, Uber Tuesdays will also feature grub from sloppy joe purveyors Archie’s Place and, on occasion, Pie Hole.

And here's some good news for folks who don’t want Uber Tuesdays to turn into Wacked-Out Wednesdays: Shows will start promptly at 8 p.m. and be over by 11 p.m.

Check out today's issue of Boise Weekly for a Q&A with upcoming Uber Tuesdays act, Dirty Mittens.