Private Meetings Fail to Save Curb Cup for This Year


A series of private meetings (the most recent was this morning) at Boise City Hall failed in a last-ditch effort to save this year's Curb Cup. Participants in the hush-hush sessions included representatives from the mayor's office, Boise's Department of Arts and History, the Downtown Boise Association, and Mark Rivers, founder of the unique event.

"We simply ran out of time," Terri Schorzman, arts and history director, told Cobweb. "That was it. Mark said he had too many things on his plate, and we thought it was more important to start working on next year's event."

On May 17, Rivers complained that the event took too much time and money.

"It's a great event," said Rivers. "But it's a big burden and it's a big expense."

Schorzman said she expected the group to begin meeting at the end of this year or early 2012 to begin planning, "In the hope that we again can see Boise's sidewalks filled with performers on the last Sunday in August on an annual basis."