Need Something To Do Monday?


Theater has trouble appealing to young people. And no, cranky old people, it's not because of the Internet or their cell phones. It's because unlike those things, plays take a long time to catch on if they catch on at all. By the time a young person sees a play, it might be decades out of date, making it difficult for him or her to identify with it as a contemporary cultural artifact.

So today, why not pack up the disaffected teens and get ahead of the curve?

Today marks the opening of Plays From the Alley, Alley Repertory Theater's annual reading series of new works.

Tonight's play is Shave, by local playwright/business owner Russ Stoddard. It is about two friends whose lives are shaken up by the sale of their favorite barbershop to a, *gasp*, woman. Lives hang in the balance.

The reading starts at 8 p.m. at Visual Arts Collective and costs $10.