Slideshow: 2011 Bars and Stripes Alley Cat Race


Each year in conjunction with our annual Coldest Beer issue and our friends at Northstar Cycle Couriers, we throw a big beer-and-bikes event: the Bars and Stripes Alley Cat Race. This year, more than 125 people signed up.

Racers must perform acts that require skill, creativity, bravery, patience and thirst at stops manned by Boise Weekly staffers in order to get their manifests signed (which they must do if they have any hope of winning).

Thanks go out to Odell Brewing Company and Kokanee for providing cold suds and to all of the bars that hosted stops: Brewforia in Bown Crossing, End Zone, Jumpin' Janet's, McCleary's on Orchard, Neurolux, O'Michael's, the Ranch Club, Tom Grainey's, the house on Jefferson Street sponsored by Odell Brewery, and the finish line location—and title holder of 2011's warmest beer—Sammy's.

We took a plethora of pics at some of the stops ...

At O'Michael's, BW graphic designer Adam Rosenlund asked racers to draw the next panel in a comic strip. Click here to see genius at work.

BW photo intern Will Jones was on hand to snap some shots of the beginning of the race and a few at the finish. Click here to see what more than 125 bikes in one place look like.

At a house on Jefferson Street, we set up a Slip 'n' Slide and a keg of Odell's St. Lupulin. There were some keg stands, some slippery falls and a few folks who decided that hanging around there sounded way more fun than biking like crazy in the heat. Click here to see photos of the mayhem.

At Neurolux, BW office manager Shea Sutton and friend-of-BW Tyler Bush asked racers to pose for a photo wearing a cardboard version of the very fashionable red BW box. Click here to see the first 50-plus pictures and here to see the next 50-plus.