Need Something To Do Sunday?


There are two schools of thought in comedy: clean and dirty. But that's not quite right. They're really "clean and open." Open comedy is often "dirty," but what it really means is that potentially funny topics are not vetoed by moral censors with no sense of humor. It's not that "clean" humor can't be funny, it's just that it can only be a limited kind of funny. Humor is found most in truth, and truth is amoral. In fact, the more challenging the truth, the bigger the laugh will generally be.

So tonight, if you'd like to see that sort of comedy, why not stop by Boise's newest comedy open mic, set in a place with a suitably liberal set of social morals: The Balcony, to be specific.

Aspiring comics can sign up for five-minute sets, which will then be voted on by the audience. The winner will get a $50 bar tab. There will be a headlining set by Matt Bragg and the event is hosted by Mikey Pullman.

Sign-up is at 6:30 p.m. and the show starts at 7 p.m.