FIND Art Magazine's Truckload of Culture Hits Sixth and Main


Neight Adamson is on a mission to bring art to the world ... on a truck. He's driving a load of the best art from the most-interesting artists he can find cross-country on a customized big rig. He'll log 14,000 miles driving to 55 cities as part of FIND Art Magazine's FIND Art Across America tour, which is described as "a concept that brings the art to the people," and which Adamson hopes will do more to foster a national arts community.

And tonight, he'll be in Boise.

"I'm trying to show that art is happening every single day and it's everywhere," Adamson said. "It's not just in history books and museums."

To disprove the adage "location, location, location," Adamson will be setting up his mobile gallery in the parking lot of Chronic Tacos, for whom he is the art director.

More than just displaying fascinating works, Adamson is hoping to find some new ones. Some of the art on display has been submitted via the magazine's website, but he says much of it is just people finding him. Hence the name of the magazine: Find.

Adamson will be set up at Chronic Tacos near Sixth and Main at 7 p.m. tonight. He'll be staying there until question mark, question mark, question mark. So grab that drawing of a kitty from your fridge and head on down.

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