Video of the Day: Linkin Park, "Iridescent"


Linkin Park, the ever-present rap-rockers of the early 2000s are still around, but taking a more mellow approach. The members are older and wiser now, and the music is more refined.

The Agoura Hills, Calif.-based band performed at Red Square in Moscow, Russia, to promote the world premiere of the movie Transformers: Dark Of The Moon. Linkin Park's single, "Iridescent," is featured on the film’s soundtrack—and sounds more like Fall Out Boy than it does classic Linkin Park. MTV2 named them the third greatest band of the new millennium in 2003, right after Coldplay and Oasis, but with competition like that, nobody wins.

The song is surprisingly decent considering it is part of a soundtrack to a Michael Bay film. If nothing else, check out the video just to see how these guys have changed since 2000's Hybrid Theory.

Word is that frontman Chester Bennington has said the band is working on a fifth studio album, which Rick Rubin will produce.